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It’s all about having FUN and getting together, with EuroSUPA we want to help promote the best SUP events in Europe.


February 17th 2013: Howzit Cold Water Race, France: Beach Race (1-star)

This race will open the 2013 EuroSUPA season. It is part of the Swell Beach Race Series (3 out 5 races in that series will be EuroSUPA sanctioned). More info:
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April 20-21st 2013: Jade Paddle Race, France: Long Distance Elite 12’6 (3- stars)

When we think about this race we remember the perfect downwinder we enjoyed last year. The Jade Paddle race takes place on the Atlantic coast of France near Nantes (the hometown of Eric Terrien).

The event program includes a Beach Race and a Long Distance race (EuroSUPA sanctioned). The course for the Long Distance race (min. 10km) will be selected the day before, depending to the wind forecast. This region offers many possible downwind courses in almost all the wind directions, so the race will be take advantage of any weather situation.

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April 26-28th 2013: Port Adriano SUP Race, Spain: Long Distance Elite 12’6 (4-stars)

This is a new event that we are looking forward to. There are a lot of Elite SUP Racers in the Balearic islands, with the location of this race being home to 2012 Spanish Champions Laura Quetglas and Manuel Simoncelli.

The event program includes the 4-star Elite 12’6 Long Distance Race as well as sprint races, tandem races and a lot more surprises.

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CartelPaddleSurf bueno
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May 18-19th 2013: Battle of the Coast, Holland: Beach Race (1-star)

The Battle of the Coast is a classic Dutch event that has been EuroSUPA sanctioned since 2011. If you live in this region or if you just want to spend a great weekend in Holland, this is an event not to be missed!

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May 18-19th 2013: North Point SUP Classic, France: Beach Race (1-star)

The North Point SUP Classic has been running since 2009. From ‘09 – ‘10 the event was held in Greg Closier’s hometown and featured a Beach Race as well as a SUP Surf contest. In 2011 the event moved to a new location, Crozon, in search of better waves. There’s usually a few big names showing up to this event.

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May 25-26th 2013: SUP Race CUP, France: Beach Race (4 stars ), Long Distance Elite 12’6 (3 stars tbc)

This race has played a key role in the history of SUP Racing in Europe since 2010.
We are still waiting for final confirmation regarding star rating and prize money, but we already know that it will be a huge event featuring what is arguably the biggest Beach Race in Europe, as well as a Long Distance race in the Gulf of Saint Tropez.

We spoke with Yannick Pinaud (the organizer) just yesterday and apparently there will be a big surprise this year for the Distance Race, making the event even more exciting.

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May 27th-June 2nd 2013: Lost Mills International Race, Germany: Long Distance Elite 14′ (6-stars)

If you are a SUP Racer then this is one event you can’t miss. The Lost Mills race is where everyone will go right after the SUP Race Cup and features plenty of races, demos and a SUP expo. The main event will be the 6-star, Elite 14’ Long Distance race on Saturday 1st June. So start training now if you want to be ready!

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June 7-8-9th 2013: Bikingo Eguna, Spain : Long Distance Elite 12’6 (3-Stars)

Bikingo Eguna is an awesome event taking place every year on the Spanish side of the border with France.
The long distance race will actually cross the border several times, the course is published here :
The event also features plenty of activities such as SUP races,  longboard skating, slackline, OC4 Canoe etc…
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June 15-16 2013: III DEEP SUP Race, Villa De Noja, Spain: Beach Race (2-stars) and Long Distance Elite 12’6 race (2-stars)

Now in its third year, this race will be sanctioned as a EuroSUPA race for the 1st time in 2013. There is a very active team behind the scenes trying to organise a great event, so we don’t just sanction it, we highly recommend it!

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cartel deep[1]

June 22nd 2013: Happy Summer Namur International SUP Race, Belgium: Long Distance Elite 14′ (5-stars)

This is another of the events that must be on your schedule if you are serious about SUP racing. Belgium’s premiere SUP event takes place in the wonderful city of Namur. It’s not only a race that goes a long way towards deciding the annual EuroSUPA Long Distance rankings, it’s also a huge party.

Blob jumps, slacklines, OC4, music, etc. Even though last year was the first edition of this event, it still attracted most of Europe’s top paddlers. In 2013 we expect it to be even bigger.


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June 29 2013 : Massilia SUP Race, Marseille, France : Beach Race (3 stars), Long Distance Elite 12’6 (3 Stars) (cancelled for safety reason, Gale force wind warnings)

2nd edition of this french event in the city of Marsella. This year it is a one day event (Saturday). If you travel to this event we strongly recommend you to stay one more day in the area to visit the city and/or the beautiful “Calanques”.


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July 6-7 2013 SUP Cup Beach Race,   San Cataldo, Italy (3-stars)

This race will count in the Italian National Ranking FISURF as well as in the annual EuroSUPA Beach Race ranking. Strong from the previous editions we expect to see there a good battle between the top riders and the young guns who never miss an oportunity to get on a podium !


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July 26-27-28th 2013: Italia Surf Expo, Italy: Beach Race (4-Stars)

This is a classic Italian race that is held during the Italian surf Expo. In 2012 there were some small waves for the 3-star race, which made it even more exciting.

We’ll get you more info about the 2013 event as soon as possible.


August 23-25 2013 : Surf’s Up , Monopoli, Italy : Beach Race (4-stars) CANCELLED

This is a new event for 2013. It will take place at Lido Sabbiadoro, the trendiest and exclusive beach club located in the heart of Puglia, with all in comfort, services, bar and restaurant, wifi etc… Golden sand and clear blue sea at a short distance of historic fortified farms, coastal towers and olive trees.
Behind the organization a strong team members of the Starboard SUP academy : Giuseppe Cuscianna, Nicola Abatescianni, assisted  Paola Perrone and Nico Radek Montenegro)
It will be a great event for sure, so save the dates and we will see you there !

 surf'sup 2013 loc

August 30th 2013: 1st Open Beach Race Escuela Cantabra de SUP, Somo, Spain: Beach Race (2-stars)

Beach Races are always very exciting in Somo. It can be small and easy as well as it can be big and spectacular.
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August 31st – September 1st 2013: 1st Wolder SUP-RACE AYTO. De Suances, Spain: Long Distance Elite 12’6 (1-stars) and Beach Race (2-stars)

Another spanish event that will take place in the beautiful Cantabria region of Northern Spain.
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August 30th- September 1st : SUP ÖM Weiden am See, Austria : Long Distance Elite 14′ (4-stars)

The event takes place from August 30th to September 1st 2013 and it will be a good warm up for those who will then drive to the SUP 11 City Tour. The Long Distance will be on Sunday 1st.
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September 3rd – 8th 2013: SUP 11 City Tour, Holland: EuroSUPA Special Event

We are very proud to announce that the SUP 11 City Tour is entering the EuroSUPA Calendar in 2013 as a EuroSUPA Special Event.

During this five-day SUP race, founded by Anne Marie Reichman, participants paddle along the same waterways that ice skaters conquered in the original “11 City Tour” that dates back to 1909.

This event has been successful since it began in 2009 and has already attracted many elite international paddlers. If you like very long distances and personal challenges, this race is for you.

(Note : The results of a Special Event do not count in the annual rankings)

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September 20-21-22nd 2013: Rome, Italy: Long Distance Elite 12’6 (4-Stars), Beach Race (2-Stars)

This is a new addition to the calendar. The event will take place on the Ventotene Island in Italy. The Long Distance course around the island and the Beach Race close to the beach will make this event fun and spectacular for racers and spectators with a good taste of adventure.
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Ventotene sup trophy 2013 15 settembre

October 4-5-6 2013 : Windfestival 2013, Liguria Italy : Beach Race (3-Stars)
There will be windsurfing, kitesurfing, music and SUP Races this year at the 2013 Windfestival. Check it out !
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October 19-20 2013 : 1st European SUP Surfing Contest, Somo, Spain. EuroSUPA Special Event.

The European SUP Surfing Contest will take place in Somo, North of Spain thanks to the “Federación Cantabra de Surf” October 19-20 2013 (save the dates)
It will enter the 2013 Calendar as a “Special Event” , The goal of this event will to set the standard for future European SUP Surfing events. Most of the focus will be on providing serious judging and serious competition.
Judges working during the contest are all familiar with SUP and have a strong background of pro surfing contests, national and international (ISA, ASP etc..)


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February 12th 2012 : Howzit Cold Water Race, Beach Race 1 Star, FRANCE

Infos :

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March 24-25 2012 : SUP25K Long Distance Race 2 Stars, Elite 12’6, SPAIN

Infos :
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April 22 2012 : Battle of the Coast Zandvoort : Beach Race 1 Star, HOLLAND

Infos :
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April 27-28-29 2012 : Funglisse SUP event : Long Distance 2 Stars Elite 12’6, FRANCE

More infos :
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May 12-13 2012 : North Point SUP Classic : Beach Race 1 Star, FRANCE

More info :
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May 26-27-28 2012 : SUP Race CUP : Beach Race 3 Stars, Elite Race 3 Stars, Elite 12’6), FRANCE

More info :
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June 7-10 2012 : Lost Mills International Race : Long Distance 5 Stars, Elite 14′, GERMANY

More Infos :
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June 22-24 2012 : Surf in the City Namur :  Long Distance 5 Stars, Elite 14′ , BELGIUM

More info :
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July 13-15 2012 : Italia Surf Expo : Beach Race 3 Stars, Italy

More infos :
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September 22-23 2012 : Roma Event One : Beach Race 3 Stars, Italy

More info : and Results :

October 19-20-21 2012 : Toro Loco Beach Race EuroSUPA Somo : Beach Race 2 Stars, SPAIN

More info :
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End of the 2012 Season


April 23rd 2011 : Stand Up Paddle Holland Meet and Greet, Beach Race 1 Star, HOLLAND

For infos and registrations : Hans Schouten : Hans.Schouten (at)
Results :

May 21-22 2011 : North Point SUP Classic, Beach Race 1 Star, FRANCE

For info and registrations : Greg Closier : northpoint-surfshop (at)
Results :

June 12th 2011 : King Of The Island, Beach Race 4 Stars, ITALY

For infos and registration  : Federico Piccinaglia : piccifed (at)
Results :

June 19th 2011 : Hightide 25km SUP Race 2011, Long Distance Race 1 Star, HOLLAND

For infos and registrations : Hans Schouten, Hansjess (at)
Cancelled (more info)  New date July 17th 2011
Report and Results :

June 25-26 2011 : Golden Race 2011, Long Distance Race 4 Stars, FRANCE

For infos and registration : Alex Gregoire alexandre.gregoire (at)
Report and Resuts :

1July 16-17 2011: Hoalen La Route des Phares, Long distance Race 1 Star, FRANCE

For Infos and Registation : Gerald Pelleau : gerald (at)
Report and Resuts :

September 25th 2011 : Amsterdam Rondje Ijburg Race, Long Distance Race 3 Stars, HOLLAND

Infos and Registrations : Morene Dekker : morene (at)
Report and Results :

October 8-9 2011 : Presqu’île paddle Race, Long distance 2 Stars, FRANCE

Info and Registrations : Amaury Dormet : amaury (at)
Report and Results :

End of the 2011 season.