Report and Results : Sup Cup Beach Race San Cataldo 2013

July 6-7 2013, 3 Stars beach race.
Report by Giuseppe Cuscianna.

“San Cataldo sup cup beach race was the 4th stage of the Italian championship and the 1st of the European stage in Italy, results were valid for both Fisurf Championship and Eurosupa as a 3 stars Beach Race.
The course was organized by Shakawindsurf and Suburban in the magnificent landscape of San Cataldo, a charming place 10 km far from Lecce
A 18 knots north wind and sea currents made this race very technical, challenging and fun, as in the local proverb “ lu salentu: sun,sea and wind”!
On Saturday all the athletes came to Li Marangi Beach, the headquarter of Suburban and Surfingsalento Associations for some practice.
On Sunday morning skipper meeting started at 9:30 and the contest’s director Beppe Cuscianna explained the course: a 8 Km serpentine course with 6 marks. However weather conditions obliged the organizers to change it reducing the distance from the marks increasing the number of laps.

From the very beginning despite all the difficulties that wind created, Leonard Nika took the lead of the race followed by Fabrizio Gasbarro and Paolo Marconi. On the women side, the first one to turn the mark was Silvia Mecucci followed by Roberta Mariani e Paola Perrone who unfortunately fell off her board losing her 3rd position followed by Anna Occhigrosso.

A special thanks goes to the Port of San Cataldo, and specialy Tony Bisceglie for kindly providing some of the buoys and harnesses, the UISP for giving the prize money of 2,000 Euros, the two ASD Suburban, Shakawindsurf for the organization, to the store Radical Shop for the support, the Lido York for its hospitality and kindness and all the participants in the race.”

IMG_2253 (Copia)


IMG_1759 (Copia)

IMG_1765 (Copia)

IMG_1787 (Copia)

IMG_2039 (Copia)

IMG_2053 (Copia)

IMG_2082 (Copia)

IMG_2157 (Copia)

IMG_2185 (Copia)

IMG_2196 (Copia)

IMG_2223 (Copia)

IMG_2233 (Copia)

IMG_2246 (Copia)

EuroSUPA Points Elite Men :

Name Country Points
1 Leo Nika ITALY 3000
2 Fabrizio Gasbarro ITALY 2580
3 Paolo Marconi ITALY 2190
4 Davide Ionico ITALY 2010
5 Federico Benettolo ITALY 1830
6 Nicola Abastescianni ITALY 1749
7 Leonardo Toso ITALY 1650
8 Giuseppe Cuscianna ITALY 1584
9 Ricardo Benettolo ITALY 1500
10 Salvatore Calso ITALY 1464
11 Paolo Spinelli ITALY 1425
12 Mauro Alicandro ITALY 1386
13 Paolo Benettolo ITALY 1350
14 Carmine Pagliara ITALY 1314
15 Mario Paudice ITALY 1275
16 Luca Rimo ITALY 1239
17 Pierluigi Rovegno ITALY 1200
18 Davide Bonsignore ITALY 1164

EuroSUPA Points Elite Women :

Name Country Points
1 Silvia Mecucci ITALY 3000
2 Roberta Mariani ITALY 2580
3 Anna Occhiogrosso ITALY 2190
4 Paola Perrone ITALY 2010


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