Report and Results : North Point SUP Classic 2013

France, 1 Star Beach Race, May 18-19 2013.
Report by Greg Closier :

“The 5th NorthPoint Stand up Paddle Classic was held at Crozon at La Palue.
20knots wind and 3 to 4 feet beach break made the beach race exiting and challenging for paddlers and spectacular for spectators.
The skills needed to get to the top places were, not only a good paddling technique but also good surfing skills to avoid the close out sets on the way out and stay on the board on the way in.

Rico Leroy who took the advantage on those tricky conditions to take the lead right away followed by young gun Arthur Daniel. Far behind because of a very bad start, the favorite Yoann Cornelis, member of the 2013 Team France and the ISA World Championship, made an impressive coming back from 20th to 3rd.
During the last lap, Arthur took control of the race making no mistakes while behind the battle was hard between Yoann and Rico. Yoann was the fastest to run on the beach and finished 2nd in front of Rico.

Caroline Angibaud won the ladies division in front of Solange Pruvost.”







    Results 12’6 Elite Men

1 Arthur Daniel 44’47 FRA 1000pts
2 Yoann Cornelis 44’52 FRA 860pts
3 Rico Leroy 44’55 FRA 730pts
4 Martin Letourneur 47’57 FRA 670pts
5 Mathieu Barbarit 48’39 FRA 610pts
6 Olivier Garet 48’52 FRA 583pts
7 Amaury Dormet 49’47 FRA 550pts
8 Vincent Verhoeven 50’23 FRA 528pts
9 Yves Gondre 53’35 FRA 500pts
10 Jérémy Branchu 53’39 FRA 488pts
11 Renaud Noyelle 57’12 FRA 475pts
12 Denis Llorence 57’26 FRA 462pts
13 Thomas Kimpflin 59’19 FRA 450pts
14 Marc Juliot 59’37 FRA 438pts
15 Sylvain Pladdys 1h00’08 FRA 425pts
16 Jean-Batiste Daniel 1h01’40 FRA 413pts
17 Vincent Guillaume 1h02’16 FRA 400pts
18 Steve Lener 1h02’30 FRA 395pts
19 Fréderic Istin 1h02’40 FRA 390pts
20 Ildut Marzin 1h04’40 FRA 385pts
21 Martin Vitry 1h10’11 FRA 380pts
22 Thomas Hébert 1h12’00 FRA 375pts
23 Christophe Ly 1h12’10 FRA 370pts
24 Jean Letourneur 1h12’30 FRA 365pts
25 Thomas Letourneur 1h18’18 FRA 360pts
26 Florian Meallet 1h20’39 FRA 355pts
27 Erwann Blanchart 1h21’47 FRA 350pts
28 Sébastien Gricourt 1h26’36 FRA 345pts
29 Eric Gricourt 1h29’30 FRA 340pts
30 Ronan Botrel 335pts
=30 Grégoire Vitry 335pts
=30 Jean Marc Roue 335pts
=30 Nicolas Graziano 335pts

Results 12’6 Elite Women

1 Caroline Angibaud 1h12’10 FRA 1000pts
2 Solange Pruvost 1h19’01 FRA 860pts
3 Anne Crozet 1h40’57 FRA 730pts

Other Results :

Under 18 years old :

1) Arthur Daniel
2) Martin Letourneur
3) Martin Vitry
4) Thomas Hébert
5) Jean Letourneur
6) Benjamin Perrot
7) Erwann Priol

Surfboard class (3km) :

1) Arnaud Tressens
2) Benjamin Perrot
3) Erwann Priol
4) Céline Salles

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