Report and Results : Battle of the Coast 2013

Netherland, 1 Star Beach Race, May 18-19 2013


Report by Hans Schouten :

Battle of the coast 2013

After a wild 2012 edition, with high winds and 4-6ft waves, the battle of the coast race on the west coast of the Netherlands was changed into a two-day event in the city of Haarlem and the beachresort of Zandvoort. On Friday the 17th, a variety of stand up paddling was done on the old river Spaarne in the vicinity of the windmill and the 17th century shipyard. 80 children from a local school were not only taught the principles of stand up paddling but also awareness of cleaning the water with the help of the local watercleaning company. In the afternoon, the full fleet sprint races with scheduled. Men en women paddled 3 heats of 1500 m with several buoy turns. In the field of paddlers, Hawaiian-Dutch long distance paddler Bart de Zwart (Starboard) came out as the glorious winner in all three heats, followed by Martijn van Deth (Naish) and Ike Frans (Starboard). In the ladies division,the Italian Silvia Mecucci and dutch paddlers Emma Reijmerink and Carla Schellart paddled fiercely for the victory in the sprint races. After a win in the first heat and a second place in the second heat, Silvia Mecucci was anxious to beat Emma Reijmerink in the third heat. After a tight buoy turn, Emma Reijmerink (Starboard)came out as the winner in the third heat, resulting in her first win of the city races. Silvia Mecucci (Jimmy Lewis) placed second, followd by Carla Schellart (naish).
In the evening a fancy dress Friday night tour was paddled by a large group of paddlers through the 17th century centre of the city of Haarlem.
The next day, the location was switched from the windcovered city of Haarlem to the open beach of Zandvoort. Even though the wind was still blowing approx 15 knots, the sup-expo was ready and beachgoers and visitors could have a look at the lastest stand up paddle equipment. All major brands were around, such as JP Australia, Fanatic, Hobie, Starboard and Quickblade but also lifestyle related companies such as Maui Jim, Hamboards and Indoboards.
The beachrace was a 4 lap classic beachrace: start at the beach, paddle to the outside, an upwind leg, a long downwindleg and a surfleg back inside followed by a short run. Weather forecast told the wind would die down and sun would show up, so the start was delayed until the conditions were optimal for an exiting race. Approximately 30 paddlers were ready to run at the starting shot by the chairman of the royal dutch watersports federation. After the start Bart de Zwart immediately took off, leaving the pack behind. Only Martijn van Deth and canoe-master Rick Daman could follow. Ricardo Haverschmidt and Ike Frans battled it out with Chase Paans, Joost Duivenvoorde and Dick van der Spek. In the ladies division, Silvia Mecucci was determined to fight for the overall win and created a big gap between herself and Carla Schellart, Emma Reijmerink and Jade Ottema.
After 4 laps of battling in and out of the surf, Bart de Zwart showed his supremacy by lapping almost all competitors. In the ladies division Silvia Shark Meccuci came in as overall 9th, leaving Carla Schellart as 2nd and Emma Reijmerink as 3rd.


Cityrace Men
1. Bart de Zwart (NL/USA, Starboard)
2. Martijn van Deth (NL,Naish, Quickblade)
3. Ike Frans (NL, Starboard, Supking)

Cityrace Ladies
1. Emma Reijmerink (NL,Starboard)
2. Silvia Mecucci (IT,Jimmy Lewis, Quickblade)
3. Carla Schellart (NL,Naish)

Beachrace Men
1. Bart de Zwart (NL/USA,Starboard)
2. Martijn van Deth (NL,Naish, Quickblade)
3. Rick Daman (NL, F-One, Fanatic)

Beachrace Ladies
1. Silvia Mecucci (IT, Jimmy Lewis, Quickblade)
2. Carla Schellart (NL, Naish)
3. Emma Reijmerink (NL, Starboard)

1. Bart de Zwart (NL/USA,Starboard)
2. Martijn van Deth (NL,Naish, Quickblade)
3. Ike Frans (NL,Starboard, Supking)

1. Silvia Mecucci (IT, Jimmy Lewis, Quickblade)
2. Emma Reijmerink (NL, Starboard)
3. Carla Schellart (NL, Naish)


Results Elite Men 12’6

    1 Bart De Zwart 01:11:40.4 NL 1000pts
    2 Martijn Van Deth 01:12:57.4 NL 860pts
    3 Rick Daman 01:24:02.2 NL 730pts
    4 Ricardo Haverschmidt 01:25:23.2 NL 670pts
    5 Ike Frans 01:25:58.5 NL 610pts
    6 Joost Duivenvoorde 01:26:08.1 NL 583pts
    7 Dick Van Der Spek 01:27:36.8 N 550pts
    8 Chase Paans 01:30:01.6 NL 528pts
    9 Dennis Van Der Panne 01:36:56.9 NL 500pts
    10 Jeroen Van Gessel 01:37:45.5 NL 488pts
    11 Jasper Van Overbeek 01:39:38.7 NL 475pts
    12 Erik Gerritsen 01:42:05.2 NL 462pts
    13 Barry Douma 01:47:24.8 NL 450pts
    14 Arno Dekker 01:55:15.4 NL 438pts
    dnf Ed Reichman – NL dnf
    dnf Mike Bosman – NL dnf
    dnf Martijn De Man – NL dnf
    dnf Jeroen Boks – NL dnf
    dnf Emiel Halma – NL dnf

    Results Elite Women 12’6

1 Silvia Mecucci 01:32:48.3 ITA 1000pts
2 Carla Schellart 01:48:00.3 N 860pts
3 Emma Reijmerink 01:57:06. NL 730pts
4 Jade Ottema 01:58:53.6 NL 670pts
5 Mara Van Der Schaaf 01:59:41.3 NL 610pts
Caroline Ammerlaan 02:06:44.0 NL 583pts
7 Josine Schmitz 02:12:06.5 NL 550pts
dns Petra Offerman GER dns




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