Report and Results : Jade Paddle Race 2013

Jade Paddle Race, 20th- 21st April 2013
Report : Michel Terrien, JPS44

The South of Brittany (France, West coast) was the theater of this 3-star EuroSUPA event. Forty-six paddlers participated in the Long Distance Race.

The course of this Elite Race (12’6) was delimited by the edge of the coast. The paddlers had to find the best way according to the wind and the waves.The orientation of the three first kilometers was upstream and upwind (light wind at this moment, a few knots), so most of the paddlers chose the option of staying very close to the cliff, taking advantage of some shelter. There was no danger for the paddlers, the ocean was rather calm, but they had to stay careful for their fins.

After turning around the Pointe Saint-Gildas (the farthest western point of the course), the conditions changed as well for the stream (from there it was downstream) as for the wind (more or less downwind). The wind strenghtened gradually, following perfectly the weather forecast, and in the last part of the course the racers benefited from both downwind and small well-oriented bumps.

Two racers took the lead very soon, Eric Terrien and Gaétan Séné. The gap between them and a group of five racers increased gradually, reaching about four minutes on the finish line. Regarding Gaétan and Eric, each one led according to the choice of his way among bumps, and also to a few falls. The last kilometer was decisive, the two paddlers accelerated and Eric finished first, twenty-four seconds before Gaétan. Four minutes later, Sébastien Gramont won the third place on the podium.
Martin Letourneur was the first junior, with his eighth place in the Elite ranking. Thomas Hébert was the second junior and Martin Vitry took the third place in this ranking.

Cécile Gondre was the fastest lady in this race, five minutes before Anne Crozet and ten minutes before Karine Dormet.

Results :

Long Distance Elite 12’6 Women

1 Cécile Gondre FRA1h39mn47sec 3000pts
2 Anne Crozet FRA 1h45mn10sec 2580pts
3 Karine Dormet FRA 1h49mn49sec 2190pts
4 Valérie Vitry FRA 1h55mn55sec 2010pts
5 Catherine Letourneur FRA 2h07mn34sec 1830pts
6 Béatrice Gastineau FRA 2h12mn25sec 1749pts
DNF Nadège Le Cor FRA

Long Distance Elite 12’6 Men

1 Eric Terrien FRA 1h14mn38sec 3000pts
2 Gaétan Séné FRA 1h15mn02sec 2580pts
3 Sébastien Gramont FRA 1h18mn40sec 2190pts
4 Amaury Dormet FRA 1h18mn54sec 2010pts
5 Vincent Verhoeven FRA 1h19mn15sec 1830pts
6 Grégoire Vitry FRA 1h19mn25sec 1749pts
7 Florent Dode FRA 1h19mn35sec 1650pts
8 Martin Letourneur FRA 1h20mn45sec 1584pts
9 Franck Le Ven FRA 1h20mn45sec 1500pts
10 Thomas Hébert 1h21mn18sec 1464pts
11 Marcelin Sautour FRA 1h22mn39sec 1425pts
12 Jérémy Branchu FRA 1h23mn35sec 1386pts
13 Pascal Pouget FRA 1h23mn58sec 1350pts
14 Fred Istin FRA 1h24mn52sec 1314pts
15 Robin Dorval FRA 1h25m48sec 1275pts
16 Martin Vitry FRA 1h27mn24sec 1239pts
17 Ludovic Bertho FRA 1h27mn55sec 1200pts
18 Lucas Le Bayon FRA 1h30mn15sec 1185pts
19 Ronan Botrel FRA 1h30mn23sec 1170pts
20 Jean Marc Roue FRA 1h30mn30sec 1155pts
21 Eric Sery FRA 1h31mn10sec 1140pts
22 Benjamin Vaure FRA 1h32mn17sec 1125pts
23 Sébastien Gricourt FRA 1h35mn07sec 1110pts
24 Sylvain Lefèvre FRA 1h35mn10sec 1095pts
25 Jean Letourneur FRA 1h37mn15sec 1080pts
26 Eric Paul FRA 1h38mn38sec 1065 pts
27 Jean Marc Hébert FRA 1h39mn19sec 1050pts
28 Eric Gricourt FRA 1h41mn03sec 1035pts
29 Alain Geffrault FRA 1h41mn47sec 1020pts
30 Paul Harriet FRA 1h44mn29sec 1005pts
31 Christophe Blervaque FRA 1h45mn27sec 990pts
32 Tanguy Richard FRA 1h50mn07sec 975pts
33 Hervé Molinero FRA 2h00mn53sec 960pts
34 Patrice Remoiville FRA 2h06mn30sec 945pts

Long Distance Men 14′

1 Yves Gondre 1h20mn00sec
2 Pierre de la Monneraye 1h21mn58sec
3 Nicolas Fayol 1h27mn05sec
4 J.P Letourneur 1h28mn20sec
5 Sébastien Billois 1h34mn48sec

Photos : Nicolas Beauvivre, Michel Terrien

The Jade Paddle Race event consisted of three races, and the total of participants (at least in one race) amounted to about seventy.

The Saturday morning was dedicated to a beach race.

Results Beach race :

Ladies : 1. Caroline Angibaud 2. Cécile Gondre 3. Anne Crozet
Men : 1. Eric Terrien 2. Gaétan Séné 3. Vincent Verhoeven


In the afternoon there was another important event, the first stage of the BIC SUP One Design 2013. Heats of twelve racers were organised, with quarter of final, semi-final and final. The juniors and the ladies had directly their finals. The racers appreciated these short sprints, taking a lot of fun while competing for the win !

Results BIC SUP One Design :
Ladies : 1. Caroline Angibaud 2. Cécile Gondre 3. Valérie Vitry
Men : 1. Eric Terrien 2. Gaétan Séné 3. Florent Dode




Next Race is a 4 Stars Long Distance race, part of the Port Adriano event in Mallorca, Spain, April 26-28 2013 !

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