2013 Rulebook Online, 2013 Calendar looking good !

The new 2013 rulebook is online, click HERE (updated 17/01/2013 14h24 CET)

Only minor changes from 2012, we have tried to simplify and clarify a few points.
Some of the changes are the “Special events category” aimed at promoting a few selected events which have proved their exceptional interest even if they can not enter in other general categories. These events will not be taken into consideration in the annual ranking.
Another change is that there will not be Under16yo categories in 2013. We like to see how the number of young riders is growing and we are impressed to see how fast the kids are improving. We will keep an eye on the performances of the young guns (we require the organizers to register the age of the participants) and the organizers are free to give awards to the top youngest riders (as well as to the Kahunas) but this will not be an official category this year.

As for the calendar, all events are not confirmed yet, some dates and stars can change but here is a 1st list of events. We recommend to often check this website for updates.

– February 17th 2013 : Howzit Cold Water Race, France : Beach Race 1 star
– April 20-21st 2013 : Jade Paddle Race, France : Long Distance 12’6 (Stars tbc) www.jps44.fr
– April  26-28th : Regata SUP Mallorca, Spain : Long Distance Elite 12’6  (Stars tbc)
– May 18-19th 2013 :Battle of the Coast, Holland : Beach Race 1 Star
– May 18-19th 2013 : North Point SUP Classic, France : Beach Race 1 star
– May 25-26th 2013 : SUP Race CUP, France : Beach Race (Stars tbc), Long Distance (Stars and Elite class tbc) www.thesupracecup.com
– May 27th-June 2nd 2013 : Lost Mills International Race, Germany : Long Distance Elite 14′ –  6 Stars www.lostmills.de
– June 7-8-9th 2013 : Bikingo Eguna, Spain (tbc)
– June 22nd 2013 : Happy Summer Namur International SUP Race, Belgium : Long Distance Elite 14′ – 5 Stars
– July 26-27-28th 2013 : Italia Surf Expo, Italy : Beach Race (Stars tbc)
– August 25th 2013 : Howzit Summer Beach Race, France : Beach Race 1 star
– September 20-21-22nd 2013 : Rome Event One, Italy : Beach Race (date and stars tbc)

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