Report and Results : Rome Event One 2012

A 3 Stars EuroSUPA Beach Race.

Sunday, 23rd of September 2012, the State Nature Reserve of Maccarese, along the Roman coast, hosted the Second Edition of Rome Event One, an event dedicated both to water and street board sports. For the second consecutive year, the coast have been made colorful by the invasion of Stand Up Paddle, surf, windsurf and kitesurf fans 2013 new equipment.
As in any other major event, all the most famous brands in the industry as well as athletes practicing the various sports involved, did not miss the appointment.
The Stand Up Paddle has captured the attention of a wide audience literally stuck on the beach to enjoy the athletes performances, the equipment free trials and the sheer atmosphere of the show.
The event attracted athletes and enthusiasts from all over Italy since the 2012 edition witnessed the long-awaited Eurosupa race, one of the most anticipated events of the year, where only the top Italian riders gathered for the umpteenth challenge. The race, valid for the EuroSUPA annual rankings and sponsored by Quicksilver, has earned a prominent place in the national and international open water events calendar.
The race course was assembled in record time from the earliest hours of the morning with 3 buoys placed about 30 meters from the shore and 3 buoys placed offshore, to draw the 3.5 km coil circuit. Two operators have dealt with secretarial services and registration of athletes. During the skippers meeting Giuseppe Cuscianna, race director of the event, gave details about of the race circuit and rules to be respected. 34 participating athletes, including some belonging to the All-Round category who had to complete one lap of the circuit whilst the athletes belonging to the Race category had to double the circuit for a total of 7 Km.
For its whole length the race had been checked by a panel of experts: high judge Nico Radek Montenegro and in second judge Paola Perrone from the shore, whilst two jet skis checked the correct execution of the competition offshore, keeping an eye especially at buoys turnaround.
The race was exciting right from the beach start which forced 3 athletes to withdrawal after having crashed one into each other during the entrance into the water. Leonard Nika has dominated the entire competition leading over his opponents since the first few meters gaining so undisputed the highest position on the podium. Fabrizio Gasbarro placed second leaving Giordano Bruno Capparella only 4 seconds behind.
The race dyed pink with women proof who saw undisputed winner Silvia Mecucci followed by Cecilia Pescatori and Roberta Mariani. The the All Round class podium was gained instead by Alexander Tabah, Turturro Antonio and Giacomo De Simone respectively first, second and third.
The Quiksilver Race met everyone expectations. Athletes took home 2000€ cash prizes, the public has witnessed a spectacular event, amateurs could touch avant-garde equipment, the fans could share the emotion of the event and the organizers managed to give place to an international event that has nothing to envy to the most important competitions.

Results :

Beach Race Elite Men 12’6 :

1 Leo Nika ITA Starboard 36mn00 3000pts
2 Fabrizio Gasbarro ITA Fanatic 37mn01 2580pts
3 Giordano Bruno Capparella ITA Hobie 37mn05 2190pts
4 Paolo Marconi ITA Jimmy Lewis 37mn35 2010pts
5 Danielle Guidi ITA Jimmy Lewis 37mn57 1830pts
6 Davide Codotto ITA Starboard 38mn00 1749pts
7 Pietro Fazioli ITA Hobie 38mn39 1650pts
8 Nicola Abattescianni ITA Starboard 39mn47 1584pts
9 Federico Benttoto ITA Starboard 40mn51 1500pts
10 Giuseppe Cuscianna ITA Starboard 41mn38 1464pts
11 Riccardo Benettoto ITA Bark 42mn30 1425pts
12 Claudio Nika ITA Starboard 44mn32 1386pts
13 Leonardo Toso ITA Jimmy Lewis 44mn51 1350pts
14 Marco Dottori ITA Bic 47mn54 1314pts
15 Giovanni Locchi ITA 1275pts

Beach Race Elite Women 12’6 :

1 Silvia Meccuchi ITA Jimmy Lewis 47mn50 3000pts
2 Cecilia Pescatori ITA Starboard 48mn21 2580pts
3 Roberta Mariani ITA 99Novenove 48mn53 2190pts
4 Nadia Servadei ITA Jimmy Lewis 49mn16 2010pts

Other Results :

Juniors :
1 Federico Benttoto ITA Starboard 40mn51
2 Claudio Nika ITA Starboard 44mn32
3 Leonardo Toso ITA Jimmy Lewis 44mn51

All Round Men :
1 Alessando Tabah 18’10
2 Antonio Turturro 18’38
3 Giacomo De Simone 20’50
4 Davide Bonsignore 20’56
5 Rodolfo Mancini 21’15
6 Gianmatteo Cau 22’15
7 Marco Bedin 22’20
8 Paolo Benettolo 22’30
9 Pierluigi Rovegno 22’40
10 Andrea Primi 23’09
11 Rinaldo Vuerich 27’38

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