Report and Results : Toro Loco EuroSUPA Beach Race

The Toro Loco EuroSUPA Beach Race took place in Somo, Spain Sunday October 21st 2012 and counted as a 2 Stars Beach Race in the 2012 ranking.

Glassy water and small waves were perfect conditions for an exciting beach race (videos below).

Results : (Note : times no available, sorry for the inconvenience)

Beach Race Elite Men 12’6 :

1 Eric Terrien FRA 2000pts
2 Roman Frejo SPN 1720pts
3 Belar Diaz SPN 1460pts
4 Dode Florent FRA 1340pts
5 Ramon Pastor SPN 1220pts
6 Cisco Sureda SPN 1166pts
7 Moritz Mauch GER 1100pts
8 Nacho Alvarez SPN 1056pts
9 Coque Araujo SPN 1000pts
10 Kristiyan Dimitrov SPN 936pts
11 Enrique Segovia SPN 950pts
12 Marc Foraster SPN 924pts
13 Ramon Blanco SPN 900pts
14 Roman Riera SPN 876pts
15 Gantou Loic FRA 850pts
16 David Alvarez SPN 826pts
17 Tono Teixeiro SPN 800pts
18 Saul Viadero SPN 790pts
19 Natxo Riera SPN 780pts
20 Victor Perez SPN 770pts
21 Miguel Martorell SPN 760pts
22 Javier Asperilla SPN 750pts
23 Antonio De La Rosa SPN 740pts
24 Ahmet Senoglu TUR 730pts
Bernat Castell DNF

Beach Race Elite Women 12’6

1 Laura Quetglas SPN 2000pts
2 Barbara De La Maza SPN 1720pts
3 Kimberly J. Crellin UK 1460pts
4 Michelle Aleshina SPN 1340pts

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