Report and Results : Italia Surf Expo July 13-15

Here is the full report of the 3 Stars Beach Race during the Italia Surf Expo.
Please note that the next Beach Race in the EuroSUPA Calendar will be in Italy again with another 3 Stars Beach Race during the “Rome Event One”.

By Italia Surf Expo :

Beside being the coolest event in the Italian summertime, Italia Surf Expo is a real gathering point for water sport lovers’. Considered the biggest event for surf culture and lifestyle, with its over 20.000 participants each year, Ise comes back to “heat” Santa Severa Magnificent Landscape, a seashore place near Rome, well Known by local surfer because of its proximity with Banzai, one of the toughest spot in Italy for surfer and paddlers .

Celebrating the 14th edition, the 2012 Italia Surf Expo took place from July 13th to 15th  hosting for the very first time a 3 stars Eurosupa-European Championship.

Starboard Beach Race, the first stage of the European Sup Course, took place on July 15th at Italia Surf Expo. This event was organized during the last day of the exhibition and it was an important day for all the athletes engaged in the competition not only because ISE organized in 2008 the first Sup Race competition but also because this year ISE competition results and rankings’ were valid for Eurosupa Championship.

Paddlers came from all over Europe to challenge each other in a 7 km serpentine course with 6 marks, and one beach running for race athletes’ furthermore to raise the stakes there was a 2000,00 € prize money  offered by Starboard and Surf Expo!

The course was carefully studied, planned and plotted with 3 Redbull marks placed at 650 mt from the shore and 3 Starboard marks placed at 50 mt from the shore break, a light wave motion turned these last 3 marks very technical, difficult for some people and very funny for others. Next to pros there were also a number of amateurs who decided to compete following a 3,5 km course.

The race start from the beach line with all the athletes ready to run in the water and from the very beginning Leonard Nika (team Starboard) took the lead followed by his French colleague Gaetan Sene (team Starboard), while the third position was taken by Giordano Bruno Capparella (team Hobie Sup), followed by another well known athlete in Europe Fabrizio Gasbarro (team Fanatic), fifth and sixth position for Daniele Guidi e Paolo Marconi (team Jimmy Lewis) and the seventh position went to Pietro Fazioli, Starboard.

The beach Race winner was Leonard Nika (Starboard), followed by Gaetan Sene (Starboard) and Giordano Bruno Capparella (Hobie Sup), women podium went to Silvia Mecucci (Jimmy Lewis), Roberta Mariani (Starboard) and Paola Perrone (Starboard); a little mention goes to Claudio Nika who won the 1st place as ‘Juniores Rider’.

Weather conditions gave homage to riders bringing Northwest wind allowing all the best riders ‘élite expression wave’ with surf, sup and windsurf. At the end of the day everybody there was a reggae party were people say good bye hoping to meet each other next year.

Results :

Men 12.6 Elite

1 Leonard Nika, Starboard, ITA 3000pts
2 Gaetan Sene, Starboard, FRA 2580pts
3 Giodano Capparella, Hobie Sup, ITA 2190pts
4 Fabrizio Gasbarro, Fanatic, ITA 2010pts
5 Daniele Guidi, Jimmy Lewis, ITA 1830pts
6 Paolo Marconi, Jimmy Lewis, ITA 1749pts
7 Pietro Fazioli, Starboard, ITA 1650pts
8 Ricardo Havershmiat, Starboard, ITA 1584pts
9 Nicola Abatescianni, Starboard, ITA 1500pts
10 Giuseppe Cuscianna, Starboard, ITA 1464pts
11 Marco Moroni, Jimmy Lewis, ITA 1425pts
12 Giovannino Glorio, Fanatic, ITA 1386pts
13 Gianluca Gafforio, Fanatic, ITA 1350pts
14 Emiliano Mignani, Pau Hana, ITA 1314pts
15 Paolo Spinelli, Hobie Sup , ITA 1275pts

Women 12.6 Elite
1 Silvia Mecucci, Jimmy Lewis, ITA 3000pts
2 Roberta Mariani, Starboard, ITA 2580pts
3 Paola Perrone, Starboard, ITA 2190pts

Juniores 12.6
1 Claudio Nika Starboard
2 Indro Spinelli Hobie Sup

Men 14 uomini
1 Salvatore Calso Starboard
2 Antonio Kodrinas Starboard

Men Amateur/all round
1 Riccardo Catarci Hobie Sup
2 Antonio Turturro Starboard
3 Davide Bonsignore 99 Custom Board
4 Guido Virgulti Starboard

5 Gianmatteo Cau Jimmy Lewis

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