Report and Results : North Point SUP Classic 2012

There was a 1 Star Beach Race part of the North Point SUP Classic 2012, 12-13 May (France)
Congrats to anyone who showed up with riders from Spain, USA and UK.

Report by Greg Closier :

Saturday and Sunday 12/13 of May was held the Famous NorthPoint Stand Up Paddle Classic which is a special event with a 1 star Eurosupa beach race, a surfing event and a overall rating (race and surf combined).
Unfortunately the waves were really small and the surfing comp was cancelled.

The beach race was a BOP style race with several buoys and a running part, with 4 laps (8,5 km).
The wind was really strong (30knots), so it was super challenging, sometimes the riders had to fight against the wind and chop but also had some good runners an small waves to make the race fun.

We had 46 paddlers, the best french sup racer showing for this race including Eric Terrien the best supracer in Europe and one the best in the world.
E.T didn’t dissapoint and showed that he is a world class paddler, he won in front of local boy Greg Closier, Mo Freitas from Hawaii got 3rd and Yoann Cornelis another local boy got 4th.

At the end everybody was exhausted but happy !!

The award ceremony took place right after a fun team relay beach race and a sprint individual timing race.
Thanks to all sponsors : La mairie de Crozon, Presqu’ile Sport Cotier, Hobie SUP, Kialoa,
Howzit, Xcel and Hoalen.

And see you next year !

Results :

Beach Race Scratch :
1)Eric Terrien FRA : 1h03’08
2)Greg Closier FRA : 1h03’43
3)Mo Freitas USA : 1h04’48
4)Yoann Cornelis FRA : 1h05’10
5)Amaury Dormet FRA : 1h05’43
6)Belar Diaz ESP : 1h06’58
7)Arthur Daniel FRA : 1h07’03
8 )Laurent Delpin FRA : 1h08’26
9)Mathieu Carpentier FRA : 1h09’07
10)Renaud Noyelle FRA : 1h09’20
11)Jeannot Gauthier FRA : 1h09’32
12)Colin Mc Phillips USA : 1h10’02
13)Seb Cattelan FRA : 1h10’04
14)Sylvain Pladys FRA : 1h10’06
15)Lulu Langlois FRA : 1h10’25
16)Benoit Carpentier FRA : 1h11’15
17)Samuel Urvoy FRA : 1h11’20
18)Yves Gondre FRA : 1h13’26
19)François Pellen FRA : 1h13’48
20)Andre Geyt UK : 1h13’57
21)John Harvey UK : 1h13’59
22)Vincent Verhoven FRA : 1h15’51
23)Seb Dechaume FRA : 1h17’55
24)Fred Istin FRA : 1h18’22
25)Ronan Botrel FRA : 1h21’10
26)Thomas Kimpflin FRA : 1h21’50
27)Noah Yap USA : 1h22’25
28)Caroline Angibaud FRA : 1h27’42
29)Philippe Mesneur FRA : 1h31’10
30)Ildut Marzin FRA : 1h34’35
31)Sophie Routaboul FRA : 1h34’55
32)Loic Picot FRA : 1h45’01
33)Liz Wardley AUS : 1h47’11
34- 38) allround boards (2 laps) : Arnaud Tressens, Eric Desvergnes, Nicolas Le Guyon, Eric Gricourt, Alexis Tranchant
39- 46) DNF : Philippe Laot, Pierre De La Monneraye (matériel cassé), Julien Leclerc, Ronan Moalic, Pascal Pouget, JB Daniel, Cécile Gondre, Stéphane Guyomar

Beach Race Elite 12’6 Men :

1)Eric Terrien FRA : 1h03’08 1000pts
2)Greg Closier FRA : 1h03’43 860pts
3)Mo Freitas USA : 1h04’48 730pts
4)Yoann Cornelis FRA : 1h05’10 670pts
5)Amaury Dormet FRA : 1h05’43 610pts
6)Belar Diaz ESP : 1h06’58 583pts
7)Arthur Daniel FRA : 1h07’03 550pts
8 )Laurent Delpin FRA : 1h08’26 528pts
9)Mathieu Carpentier FRA : 1h09’07 500pts
10)Renaud Noyelle FRA : 1h09’20 488pts
11)Jeannot Gauthier FRA : 1h09’32 475pts
12)Colin Mc Phillips USA : 1h10’02 462pts
13)Seb Cattelan FRA : 1h10’04 450pts
14)Sylvain Pladys FRA : 1h10’06 438pts
15)Lulu Langlois FRA : 1h10’25 425pts
16)Benoit Carpentier FRA : 1h11’15 413pts
17)Samuel Urvoy FRA : 1h11’20 400pts
18)Yves Gondre FRA : 1h13’26 395pts
19)François Pellen FRA : 1h13’48 390pts
20)Andre Geyt UK : 1h13’57 385pts
21)John Harvey UK : 1h13’59 380pts
22)Vincent Verhoven FRA : 1h15’51 375pts
23)Seb Dechaume FRA : 1h17’55 370pts
24)Fred Istin FRA : 1h18’22 365pts
25)Ronan Botrel FRA : 1h21’10 360pts
26)Thomas Kimpflin UK : 1h21’50 355pts
27)Noah Yap USA : 1h22’25 350pts
28)Philippe Mesneur FRA : 1h31’10 345pts
29)Ildut Marzin FRA : 1h34’35 340pts
30)Loic Picot FRA : 1h45’01 335pts

Beach Race Elite 12’6 Women :

1)Caroline Angibaud FRA : 1h27’42 1000pts
2)Sophie Routaboul FRA : 1h34’55 860pts
3)Liz Wardley AUS : 1h47’11 730pts

Beach Race Open Boys Under 16 :
1)Mo Freitas USA : 1h04’48
2)Noah Yap USA : 1h22’25

Photos : Laurent Névarez

More Photos :

Other results :
Sprint chrono (Sunday / goulien):
1) Yoann Cornelis : 2’15
2) Arthur Daniel : 2’22
3) Renaud Noyelle : 2’24
4) Belar Diaz : 2’26
5) John Harvey : 2’28
6) Laurent Delpin : 2’31
7) Renaud Guyon : 2’36
8) Philippe Mesneur : 2’40
9) André Le Geyt : 2’40’’72
10) David Amemoutou : 2’42
11) François Erard : 2’44
12) Eric Desvergnes : 2’49

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