Results and Report : Funglisse SUP Event 2012, April 27-28

Report by : Funglisse

We are pleased to communicate the results of this event which included the 2nd EuroSUPA Long Distance race of the 2012 season.

It took place in La Plaine-sur-mer (France), a village located on the West coast of France, at 60 km from Nantes.

Regarding the 2-Star Long Distance Elite 12’6, the Organization had decided to choose in last minute among several potential courses, the goal being the organization of a downwind race.
With a S-SW wind in the morning of the Sunday, the10 km started at La Pointe-Saint-Gildas and finished at Les Dunes (Saint-Michel Chef-Chef). Fortunately, the wind was strong enough (from 15-20 knots at the beginning of the race, up to 20-30 knots on the finish line) and this race can enter in the 2012 EuroSUPA Downwind ranking.

In these rough conditions, it has been a great moment for all the participants. Everybody has to be congratulated, all the riders who started the race, all those who finished it, and also the very experienced sailors who were essential for fully operational safety boats.

Greg Closier’s GPS track (

Results 2 Stars EuroSUPA Long Distance Elite 12’6 :

Points Long Distance/Downwind Elite 12’6 Men :

Eric Terrien FRA 1h00mn15sec 2000pts
Greg Closier FRA1h01mn27 1720pts
Yohan Cornelis FRA1h03mn16 1460pts
Marcelin Sautour FRA 1h05mn28 1340pts
Olivier Garret FRA 1h05mn29 1220pts
Fabrizio Gasbarro ITA 1h05mn56 1166pts
Arthur Daniel FRA 1h06mn08 1100pts
Belar Diaz ESP1h06mn33 1056pts
Yves Gondre FRA 1h09mn26 1000pts
Vincent Verhoeven FRA 1h09mn027 966pts
Pascal Pouget FRA 1h10mn06 950pts
Gregoire Vitry FRA 1h10mn10 924pts
Robin Dorval FRA 1h11mn04 900pts
Fred Istin FRA 1h11mn04 876pts
JB Daniel FRA 1h15mn00 850pts
Ronan Botrel FRA 1h15mn50 826pts
Eric Paul FRA 1h15mn52 800pts
Sylvain Lefevre FRA 1h16mn55 790pts
Marc Pelloquet FRA 1h25mn52 780pts
Jerome Cupif FRA 1h36mn45 760pts
Christophe Blervaque FRA DNF
Sebastien Cattelan FRA DNF

Points Long Distance/Downwind Elite 12’6 Women :

Sophie Routaboul FRA 1h18mn46 2000pts
Pat Hernandez ESP 1h19mn12 1720pts
Cecile Gondre FRA 1h24mn43 1460pts
Petra Offerman GER 1h29mn50 1340pts
Nadine Cartron DNF

Other Results : Beach Race (Non EuroSUPA) :

Pictures :

More pictures :

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