Results and report, Battle of the Coast, Holland.

There was a 1 Star EuroSUPA Race April 22nd in Holland, part of the Battle of the Coast Zandvoort event.
It has been a very tough race with a strong onshore wind, congratulation to all the paddlers who took the start in those challenging conditions !

Report by Hans Schouten (SUPfrenzy) :

Battle of the Coast April 22nd Zandvoort Race Report

It all started a bit grey and windy, but pretty soon the sun came out. 28 paddlers, mostly from Holland but also from Germany and Slovenia arrived in Zandvoort on the morning of the 22nd of April for the first Battle of the Coast tand up paddle contest.

The race in the morning was originally planned as a long distance race over 4 laps of 3 km each,but weather and water conditions caused the racing comittee to reduce the length of the race to 3 laps for the men and 1 lap for the women. A lap consisted of 2 km upwind, 1.5 km downwind and 500 m sidewind stretch. Winds of 15 to 20 knots and over 1 m windswell caused the field to be scattered very quickly. The race was on in 3 divisions: max 12’6 ft, max 14t and unlimited.

In the 12’6 ladies division Morene Dekker and mara van der Schaaf quickly rounded the first buoy, creating a small gap with Chantal van Ruler. After the long upwind stretch in wild seas, they finally rounded the far buoy. Chantal was close but could not close the difference between herself and Mara. Morene Dekker won by 4 minutes over Mara in a time of 37 minutes and 39 seconds.

The Men 12’6 division started quickly with Martijn van Deth and Ike Frans taking the lead. After 2 rounds the difference between Martijn and Ike was approximately 300 meters. Ike was battling with Joost Duivenvoorde, who was competing in the 14ft division. After 3 laps of domincance, Martijn van Deth finished first, surfing the waves on his 12’6 Naish glide to the beach.Ike Frans finished second, with Dennis van der Panne just short behind.

The 14ft division was dominated by Joost Duivenvoorde. Right after the start, he rounded the first buoy and did not leave the first position. Short behind him, Dick van der Spek and Gerhard van Geest were battling for 2nd place. Finally, Dick finished 2nd and Gerhard won the bronze medal.

After lunch and a view over the expo area, where many brands were showing their latest equipment, the battle arena was rebuilt for the 1-star Beachrace.

After many flatwater races in Holland in 2011, this was the first race at sea with truly challenging conditions. 4 laps opf approx 1.2 km and a run over the beach were scheduled. 25 competitors were ready for the battle and a battle it was.

Right after the start the running group split in two parts. A small group was running upwind and managed to catch the 4 knot current to the first buoy. The second group paddled for the first buoy but ended up 100 meter downwind and downstream of the buoy. Many of the paddlers paddled hard, but did not maake the first buoy. Some did paddle to the first buoy and experienced the pleasure of taking the current-train to the second mark.

The second mark was placed close to one of the outer banks, which turned out to be a spectacle but also very difficult buoy to pass. After passing the second buoy the group, already wide spread, started a 800 meter upwind stretch to the south buoy.
Battling through 15-20 knots winds and 4-6 ft windswell Martijn van Deth, Erwin Janssen and Joost Duivenvoorde managed to get to the south buoy way in front of the rest of the competitors.

After the third mark, the home stretch to the beach was downwind and the experience in the surf of the three leaders payed off. They surfed their way to the beach on the 12’6 boards. On the beach the competitors were greeted by a large crowd, cheering the to the turning mark. Their boards were carried upwind and turned, so the competitors could start their second lap.

After the group of 3 was a large gap and only 15 minutes later Ricardo Haverschmidt, Ike Frans, Chase Paans and Patrick Smits arrived, ready for their second lap.

After 4 gruelling laps, Martijn van Deth finished 1st in 1 h 14 minutes, followed by Erwin Janssen, over 9 minutes behind. Joost Duivenvoorde finished 3rd, 4 minutes behind Erwin.

The battle of the Coast proved to be a true Battle, not only against other competitors, but also against the currents, the wind, the waves and for many competitors against themselves. Many competitors did not make it to the finish, but even though the conditions were extreme, everyone was smiling. A large crowd gathered for the prize giving ceremony, and all winners were cheered for with great enthousiasm.

It was a tough day, but the best paddlers won! Until Next year

Final results 1 * Beachrace Men :

1 Martijn Van Deth NDL 01h14mn02 1000pts
2 Erwin Janssen NDL 01h23mn21 860pts
3 Joost Duivenvoorde NDL 01h27mn13 730pts
4 Dick Van Der Spek NDL – 2 laps behind 670pts
5 Chase Paans NDL – 2 laps behind 610pts
6 Ricardo Haverschmidt NDL – 2 laps behind 583pts
7 Rick Daman NDL – 3 laps behind 550pts
8 Ike Frans NDL – 3 laps behind 528pts
9 Rok Puvar NDL – 3 laps behind 500pts
– Martijn De Man NDL DNF
– Dinant Roode NDL DNF
– Barry Douma NDL DNF
– Patrick Smits NDL DNF
– Bastiaan Plaizier NDL DNF
– Dennis Van Der Panne NDL DNF
– Stef De Jong NDL DNS
– Erik Bruining NDL DNS
– Gerhard Van Geest NDL DNS
– Mathijs Katsma NDL DNS
– Joost Wildenberg NDL DNS
– Jeroen Boks NDL DNS
– Mike Kranenburg NDL DNS
– Vincent Melotte NDL DNS

Battle of the Coast was organized by The Spot and Supfrenzy with the help of many volunteers and the following brands: Starboard, Naish, Supking, vandenberg surfing, F-One, Von Orange, de man Sneltransport, M&M Sup, Copy Office, Hightide surfshop, Premiere Paddle Surf Apparel, Surftech, Quickblade paddles, Supholland, Supsurfing, Naish, Fanatic and Mistral.

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