The SUP Race CUP is Confirmed in the EuroSUPA 2012 calendar !

It is officially confirmed that the SUP Race CUP 2012 is part of the EuroSUPA Calendar !

It is a big news because this famous european race organised by “La Cigale Surf Club” is historical for the EuroSUPA as in 2010 it has been the 1st race to believe in our association.
The SUP Race CUP has also been one of the biggest SUP event in Europe since 2010, bringing together all the best European Paddlers with french riders Eric Terrien, Gaetan Séné, Greg Closier, Didier Leneil or Rico Leroy, Italian champions Fabrizio Gasbarro and Leonard Nika, spanish champs Belar Diaz and Xavi Masdevall, UK top rider Ryan James etc … as well as some overseas paddlers such as Chuck Patterson, Byron Kurt or Bart de Zwart.

We are looking forward to see everyone enjoying a fun weekend at the beach and take part in the races.

The beach race will be a 3 Stars EuroSUPA Beach Race (12’6 only) and the long distance will be a 3 stars “Elite 12’6” long distance (wich means 12’6, 14 and UL can enter the race and will be classified but only 12’6 will get prize money and annual eurosupa ranking points)

And the top riders will also battle it out to win the 2012 SUP Race CUP trophy : beach race + long distance

Plus there is going to be the famous Relay Race and the new Funny Race as well as a big expo and lot more suprises.

more info :

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