Report and Results : Howzit Cold Water Race, February 12th 2012

Eurosupa Beach Race 1 star

Report by Greg Closier :

“Sunday 12 febuary was held the first Eurosupa race of the 2012 Season. The race was classified a beach race 1 star event (500 euros).

Unfortunatly Eric Terrien the leader in Europe, one of the best sup racer in the world couldn’t come (didn’t get his flight from canarias on time) as well as Gaitan Séné rival of Greg Closier who organise this race.

Altought we had some of the best french sup racer that was coming from everywhere in France to compete in the cold water of Bretagne.

19 paddlers showed up at 7 am ready for this first race of the year.

The weather was cold (- 4°C) but nice with sunshine and no wind. The waves were small about 1/2 ft mushy, perfect for gliding on a 12’6 board.

Penfoul beach is like a arena, several buoys were postionned on the impact zone : BOP style wich made the race interesting and technical.

Greg Closier, local rider lead the race from the start to finish. Second behind we had a battle between yound ripper Arthur Daniel and Yoann Cornelis who finaly made a good move at the last lap to ensure a second place finish.

At the end everybody was amazed by this race with a beautiful landscape and spirit.”

Results and points :

Beach Race Elite 12’6 Men :
1) Greg Closier (Hobie/Kialoa), FR : 57’59 – 1000pts
2) Yoann Cornelis (Kialoa), FR : 59’00 – 860pts
3) Arthur Daniel (Jimmy Lewis/Kialoa), FR : 1h00’05 – 730pts
4) Paul Conrad Delaère (Naish), FR : 1h02’55 – 670pts
5)Sylvain Pladdys (Quiksilver Lorient), FR : 1h03’08 – 610pts
=5)Vincent Mellouet (Fanatic), FR : 1h03’08 – 610pts
7) Renaud Noyelle (Nah Skwell/Kialoa), FR : 1h03’49 – 583pts
8) Mathieu Babarit, FR : 1h04’03 – 550pts
9) JB Daniel (Jimmy Lewis/Kialoa), FR : 1h07’10 – 528pts
10) Fred Istin, FR : 1h07’48 – 488pts
11) Ronan Botrel, FR : 1h09’25 – 475pts
12) Pierre Renucci, FR : 1h09’46 – 462pts
13) JP Letourneur, FR : 1h12’03 – 450pts
14) Loic Pilot, FR : 1h16’14 – 438pts

Beach Race Elite 12’6 Women :
1) Caroline Angibaud (Hobie/Kialoa), FR : 1h12’23 – 1000pts

Other Results :
Flat boards <12' :
1) Ildut Marzin : 45’02
2) Thoams Kimpflin : 45’25
3) Ronan Moalic : 56’43
4) Cristophe Huet : 1h01’50

More info :

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