The 2011 rankings are online !

The 2011 rankings are online !

There’s been a total of 8 EuroSUPA sanctioned events , 3 beach races and 5 long distance races.
We’ve been paddling under the sun, under the rain, in calm water, in rough conditions, we had upwinds and downwinds, we saw the top European SUP athletes fighting for the podiums as well as amateur riders just showing up for the thrill of taking part in a race.

It has been a great season we had FUN paddling and traveling to different countries, no matter who came first or who came last, we all had a good time !

We are already looking forward to make the 2012 season even better, so stay in touch for the upcoming updates !

Special thanks to all the race organisers who have made their event a EuroSUPA sanctioned event and congratulation to every rider who have taken the start of a race.

To check the rankings page : Click HERE

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