Results : King of the Island 2011, Bergeggi, Italy

Second edition of Bergeggi king of the island 2011 , first EUROSUPA event in Italy , with more than 7000 euros prize money , 65 sup competitors from all Europe , France , Hollard , Germany and more than 20 outrigger canoe OC1 and OC2 and paddleboards, during the afternoon free sup school open public with 200 persons try this amazing water, one hour dedicated for young kids, and sup expo test with best world brands like NAISH, STARBOARD, PADDLE SURF HAWAII, HOBIE, SURFTECH, RRD, RED PADDLE

4 Stars EuroSUPA Beach Race.

Results Men Beach Race 12’6 :

1 Eric Terrien 44mn03sec FRA 4000pts
2 Leonard Nika 45mn05sec ITA 3440pts
3 Gaetan Séne 45mn23sec FRA 2920pts
4 Fabrizio Gasbarro 45mn35sec ITA 2680pts
5 Thierry Kostka 47mn28sec FRA 2440ots
6 Paolo Marconi 48mn17sec ITA 2332pts
7 Guidi Daniele 48mn23sec ITA 2200pts
8 Erwin Jansen 49mn00sec NL 2112pts
9 Stefano Gigli 49mn07sec ITA 2000pts
10 Pecchia Roberto 51mn12sec ITA 1952pts
11 Roberto Domenichini 51mn35sec ITA 1900pts
12 Andrea di Sante 53mn18sec ITA 1848pts
13 Freschi Tommaso 53mn46sec ITA 1800pts
14 Luca Cassolo 53mn51sec ITA 1752pts
15 Francois Clause 55mn09sec FRA 1700pts
16 Sylvain Senave 55mn17sec FRA 1652pts
17 Ghibellini Stefano 57mn32sec ITA 1600pts
18 Mariotti Paolo 58mn45sec ITA 1580pts
19 Reghitto Luigi 1h02mn50sec ITA 1560pts

Results Women Beach Race 12’6 :

1 Annabel Anderson 51mn18sec NZ 4000pts
2 Silvia Meucci 55mn16sec ITA 3440pts
3 Betti Corinna 56mn39sec ITA 2920pts

Other results :
results categories open 3,5km race 12.6

1 Stefano Padovani 32mn54sec ITA
2 Maurizio Carlini 33mn36sec ITA
3 Masotti Massimo 37mn45sec ITA
4 Levratto Andrea 41mn56sec ITA
5 Caiburri Meri Valentina 43mn52sec ITA woman
6 Laovar Katia 45mn32sec FRA woman

open 3,5km Unlimited :
Centenaro Relindo 34mn34sec BRA

open 12′ supsurf

1 Di fulvio Alfredo 32mn44sec
2 Mauro Guidetti 35mn00sec
3 Fabio Sabatelli 35mn24sec
4 Alberto Zavattaro 36mn18sec
5 Nika Claudio 37mn25sec
6 Palombello Francesco 37mn50sec
7 Profeta Luca 38mn05sec
8 Frumento Massimiliano 38.01
9 Marco Vergano 39mn54sec
10 Andrea de Camilli 39mn55sec
11 Davide Dapelo 40mn02sec
12 Galasso Andrea 40mn07sec
13 De leo Maurizio 40mn10sec
14 Lovece Edio 41mn09sec
15 Federico Ghiglione 41mn43sec
16 Frumento Massimiliano 42mn15sec
17 Galassi Ilaria 43mn00sec woman
18 Elena Ganduglia 43mn25sec woman
19 Marco Ferrando 43mn43sec
20 Orecchia Fabio 43mn49sec
21 Annigoni Fabio 44mn29sec
22 Bianco Giusepppe 48mn04sec
23 Arrigo Maurizio 48mn10sec
24 Silvia Sabatelli 48mn19sec woman
25 Lovece Eleonora 48mn52sec woman
26 Alain Rosseau 49mn50sec
27 Andrea Galvani 1h00mn50sec
28 Danilo Olcese 1h12mn30sec
29 Venturino Luca 1h13mn05sec
30 Elisa Bizzarro 1h14mn59sec
Alessandra de Rossi dnf
Robero Parodi dnf
Nicholas Deleo dnf
Gino Cazzola dnf
Andrea Corsiglia dnf
Fabio Costa dnf
Pippo Scicchitano dnf

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