Stand Up Paddle Holland Meet and Greet

The 2011 EuroSUPA season started a few days ago with the Stand Up Paddle Holland Meet and Greet.

The 12’6 Beach Race entered in the EuroSUPA 2011 ranking as a 1 Star race, the results are the following :

Beach race 12’6 men :
1 :Erwin Janssen 0h48mn19sec : 1000pts
2 :Gerhard van Geest 0h50mn58sec : 860pts
3 :Joost Duivenvoorde 0h52mn35sec : 730pts
4 :Barry Douma 0h57mn18sec : 670pts
5 :Chase Paans 0h57mn50sec : 610pts
6 :Robert van der Heide 1h02mn34sec : 583pts
7 : Peter Leeuwerink 1h04mn10sec : 550pts
8 :Bert Warmelink 1h09mn05sec : 528pts
9 :Joeri 1h12mn58sec : 500pts
10 :Ewald van der Hoop DNF
11 :Janne Matser DNF

Other results from this event :

Beach race 14′ men :
1 :Maty de Vreeze : 0h58mn55sec
2 :Ed Rootlieb : 1h01mn44sec
3 :Jort Rootlieb : 1h05mn06sec

Beach Race UL women :
1 : Dionne Dijkman : 0h59mn06sec

Relay Race :
1 : Hobie Kialoa (Roel van Noord, Chase Paans, Gerhard van Geest, Erwin Janssen)
2 : Waddenteam (Niels, Adriaan van Rijsselberge, Dinand Roode, Dorian van Rijsselberge)
3 : PSH (Rob Trompetter, Dirk vd Spek, Mike Hessels, Sjaak vd Linden)
4 : Surfweetje (Janne Matser, Peter Leeuwerink, Barry Douma, Bert Warmelink)
5 : Hui Nalu (Jort Rootlieb, Tjerk, Hans Schouten, Ed Rootlieb)

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