2013 EuroSUPA Rankings and plans for 2014

(update 04/01/2014 : 2013 women BR ranking updated)
(update 05/01/2014 : 2013 women LD ranking updated)

Better late than never…

First of all, we wish you a happy new year. We also want to apologies, once again, for the delay on publishing reports, results and rankings. Some reports as still to be published and we will do this soon.

But for now, here are the final 2013 EuroSUPA rankings in Long Distance Men and Women, Beach Race Men and Women, as well as the results of the 2013 EuroSUPA SUP Surfing Contest (Somo, Spain, October 19-20 2013) . This year the 11 City Tour was also in our calendar as a Special event, we invite you to check http://sup11citytour.com/ for full stories and results.

There have been a total of 12 Beach Races and 10 Long Distances counting for this year’s ranking. The rankings are calculated based on your top3 best results.

Please let us know if you see any mistake and we will fix it.

Before going to the results, here are some facts :
Total Men in Beach Race rankings : 193
Total Men in Long Distance rankings : 203
Total Women in Beach Race rankings : 39
Total Women in Long Distance Rankings : 34
The races took place in 6 different countries : Austria, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, Spain

Top EuroSUPA Athletes :
Beach Race Men : Leo Nika (ITA), Giordano Capparella (ITA), Fabrizio Gasbarro (ITA)
Beach Race Women : Silvia Meccuchi (ITA), Roberta Mariani (ITA), Cecilia Pescatori (ITA)
Long Distance Men : Peter Bartl (AUT), Eric Terrien (FRA), Chase Kosterlitz (USA)
Long Distance Women : Melani Brandstadter (AUT), Cecile Gondre (FRA), Sonni Honscheid (GER)

Top EuroSUPA Athletes Beach Race (Man, Woman) per European country :
Austria : Peter Bartl, Melani Brandstadter
Czech Republic : Branislav Sramek, N/A
Denmark : Casper Steinfath, N/A
France : Gabriel Bachelet, Olivia Piana
Germany : Moritz Mauch, Anja Schilling
Holland : Bart De Zwart, Carla Schella
Italy : Fabrizio Gasbarro, Silvia Meccuchi
Slovenia : N/A, Manca Notar
Spain : Belar Diaz, Laura Quetglas
Switzerland : Sebastien Pasche, Susanne Lier
UK : Pete Holiday, N/A

Top EuroSUPA Athletes Long Distance (Man, Woman) per European country :

Austria : Peter Bartl, Melanie Brandstadter
Czech Republic : Branislav Sramek, N/A
Denmark : Casper Steinfath, N/A
France : Eric Terrien, Cecile Gondres
Germany :Stefan Stiefenhöfer, Sonni Honscheid
Holland : Ricardo Havershmidt, N/A
Hungary : Endre Virag, N/A
Italy : Fabrizio Gasbarro, Cecilia Pescatori
Poland : Marcin Hokusz, N/A
Slovenia : Rok Puvar, Manca Notar
Spain : Roman Frejo, Laura Quetglas
Switzerland : Jean Luc Malfroid, Susanne Lier
UK : Pete Holiday, N/A

Race Winners (Man, Woman) :

Beach Races :

Howzit Cold Water Race (France, 1star) :
Greg Closier, Cecile Gondres
North Point SUP Classic (France, 1star) :
Arthur Daniel, Caroline Angibaud
Battle of the Coast (Holland, 1star) :
Bart de Zwart, Silvia Mecucci
SUP Race CUP (France, 4stars) :
Connor Baxter, Angela Jackson
Deep SUP Race Noja (Spain, 2stars) :
Chase Kosterlitz, Laura Quetglas
Massilia SUP Race (France, 3stars) :
Gabriel Bachelet, Celine Guesdon
SUP Cup Beach Race San Cataldo (Italy, 3stars) :
Leo Nika, Silvia Mecucci
Italia Surf Expo (Italy, 4stars) :
Leo Nika, Cecilia Pescatori
Beach Race Escuela Cantabra de SUP Somo (Spain, 2stars) :
Coque Araujo, Laura Quetglas
Wolder Beach Race Suances (Spain, 2stars) :
Oscar Ruiz, Laura Quetglas
Ventotene SUP Trophy (Italy, Beach Race 2stars) :
Leo Nika, Roberta Mariani
Windfestival (Italy, Beach Race 3stars) :
Giordanno Capparella, Erika Barausse

Long Distance Races :

Jade Paddle Race (France, 3stars 12’6) : Eric Terrrien, Cecile Gondres
Port Adriano (Spain, 4stars 12’6) :
Roman Frejo, Sonni Honscheid
SUP Race CUP (France, 3stars 12’6) :
Travis Grant, Celine Gueston
Lost Mills (Germany, 6stars 14′) :
Eric Terrien, Sonni Honscheid
Bikingo Eguna (Spain, 3stars 12’6) : Roman Frejo, Laura Quetglas
Deep SUP Race Noja (Spain, 2stars 12’6) :
Chase Kosterlitz, Laura Quetglas
Namur International SUP Race (Belgium, 5stars 14′) :
Peter Bartl, Olivia Piana
Wolder SUP Race Suances (Spain, 1star 12’6) :
Oscar Ruiz, Laura Quetglas
SUP ÖM Austria (Austria, 4stars 14′) :
Peter Bartl, Melani Brandstadter
Ventotene SUP Trophy (Italy, 4stars 12’6) : Leo Nika, Roberta Mariani

Athletes with the most victories :
Laura Quetglas (Spain) :
6 victories
Leo Nika (Italy) :
4 victories

EuroSUPA SUP Surf Contest Winners  :
Men :
Tino Aja (Spain)
Women :
Iballa Moreno (Spain)
Juniors :
Pierre Girardeau (France)

One last word before the full results :

We could say a lot about this season. Beside a terrible weather on some of the biggest events (a challenge for riders and organizers !), 2013 have been a very successful year for SUP Racing in Europe.
Talking not only about EuroSUPA, but about all the SUP racing scene in Europe, it is easy to observe a huge growth on number of events, number of athletes and the competition is stronger and stronger.
We have also observed how the young athletes, under 20 year old, are starting to take over what was the 1st generation of paddlers that are now well over 30 years of age for most of them.
And most importantly, we have observed that all riders are still having as much fun as always.
It is really enjoyable to see in the events the mix of paddlers of all ages and all skills, from beginner to pro, sharing experiences and having a good time. This is what every SUP event should be about.

As for 2014, on the SUP Racing side, we have decided that we will not sanction any races this year. We started EuroSUPA in 2009 to boost SUP (starting with SUP Racing) in Europe, and nowadays it is growing so fast that we feel the need to take a break and observe instead of trying to steer the sport in a direction that we are not sure that is the correct one.
There are big organizations that are working hard on trying to promote and organize the sport, such as the new created SUPAA (SUP Athlete Association, international) and the Waterman League through the World Series and World Challenges , both working hard to create an international tour of events that makes sense for all the actors of SUP, as well as all the national and regional associations also doing a great job to grow the sport and allow more and more people to try, practice or compete in SUP.
We know that there a place for EuroSUPA but we also know that the sport is young and there is no hurry. So we will use 2014 to observe and identify better what does the sport that is our passion need to keep growing on healthy basis in the European countries.
Some of us, as individuals, will also get involved with national or international associations.

To check out what races will take place in Europe (and in the world) in 2014, go to SUPRacer.com

On the Surfing side, we had very good feedbacks from the 1st EuroSUPA contest that took place in Somo (Spain), past October thanks to the “Federacion Cantabra de Surf” and Pedro Gutierrez.
There is nothing decided yet, but we think it would be a good idea to grow this kind of event, as SUP Surfing in Europe is very big when it comes to free surfing but there are only few events for SUP Surfers, we will keep you updated.

Thanks for reading, and now HERE are the 2013 EuroSUPA Rankings ! (contact us if you see any mistakes)

2013 ranking women LD
2013 ranking women BR
2013 ranking men LD
2013 ranking men BR

2013 sup surf junior
2013 sup surf men
2013 sup surf women

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Report and Results : Sup Cup Beach Race San Cataldo 2013

July 6-7 2013, 3 Stars beach race.
Report by Giuseppe Cuscianna.

“San Cataldo sup cup beach race was the 4th stage of the Italian championship and the 1st of the European stage in Italy, results were valid for both Fisurf Championship and Eurosupa as a 3 stars Beach Race.
The course was organized by Shakawindsurf and Suburban in the magnificent landscape of San Cataldo, a charming place 10 km far from Lecce
A 18 knots north wind and sea currents made this race very technical, challenging and fun, as in the local proverb “ lu salentu: sun,sea and wind”!
On Saturday all the athletes came to Li Marangi Beach, the headquarter of Suburban and Surfingsalento Associations for some practice.
On Sunday morning skipper meeting started at 9:30 and the contest’s director Beppe Cuscianna explained the course: a 8 Km serpentine course with 6 marks. However weather conditions obliged the organizers to change it reducing the distance from the marks increasing the number of laps.

From the very beginning despite all the difficulties that wind created, Leonard Nika took the lead of the race followed by Fabrizio Gasbarro and Paolo Marconi. On the women side, the first one to turn the mark was Silvia Mecucci followed by Roberta Mariani e Paola Perrone who unfortunately fell off her board losing her 3rd position followed by Anna Occhigrosso.

A special thanks goes to the Port of San Cataldo, and specialy Tony Bisceglie for kindly providing some of the buoys and harnesses, the UISP for giving the prize money of 2,000 Euros, the two ASD Suburban, Shakawindsurf for the organization, to the store Radical Shop for the support, the Lido York for its hospitality and kindness and all the participants in the race.”

IMG_2253 (Copia)


IMG_1759 (Copia)

IMG_1765 (Copia)

IMG_1787 (Copia)

IMG_2039 (Copia)

IMG_2053 (Copia)

IMG_2082 (Copia)

IMG_2157 (Copia)

IMG_2185 (Copia)

IMG_2196 (Copia)

IMG_2223 (Copia)

IMG_2233 (Copia)

IMG_2246 (Copia)

EuroSUPA Points Elite Men :

Name Country Points
1 Leo Nika ITALY 3000
2 Fabrizio Gasbarro ITALY 2580
3 Paolo Marconi ITALY 2190
4 Davide Ionico ITALY 2010
5 Federico Benettolo ITALY 1830
6 Nicola Abastescianni ITALY 1749
7 Leonardo Toso ITALY 1650
8 Giuseppe Cuscianna ITALY 1584
9 Ricardo Benettolo ITALY 1500
10 Salvatore Calso ITALY 1464
11 Paolo Spinelli ITALY 1425
12 Mauro Alicandro ITALY 1386
13 Paolo Benettolo ITALY 1350
14 Carmine Pagliara ITALY 1314
15 Mario Paudice ITALY 1275
16 Luca Rimo ITALY 1239
17 Pierluigi Rovegno ITALY 1200
18 Davide Bonsignore ITALY 1164

EuroSUPA Points Elite Women :

Name Country Points
1 Silvia Mecucci ITALY 3000
2 Roberta Mariani ITALY 2580
3 Anna Occhiogrosso ITALY 2190
4 Paola Perrone ITALY 2010


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Report and Results : Massilia SUP Race 2013

Website : http://www.massiliasuprace.com/

There was going to be a Beach Race and a long distance race at the Massilia SUP Race June 29th 2013. But with a forecast of gale force winds and for safety reasons, the long distance had to be cancelled.
However it has been a fun day at the beach with some intense racing for adults and kids, men and women.
Anthony Cegri and Mélani Lafenêtre won the kid race.
The 3 Star Beach Race winner is young gun Gabriel Bachelet, followed by elite paddlers Denis Llorens, Nicholas Beynet, Branislav Sramek, Edu Garcia, Thierry Kosta, etc.. This is a good win !
In the Elite Women division  Celine Guesdon takes the win over the2013 ISA world championships Bronze medalist Olivia Piana.
In the afternoon some races also took the oportunity to race a short downwind “just for fun” taking advantage of the windy conditions.

Massilia-Stand-Up-Paddle-race-2013-4 Massilia-Stand-Up-Paddle-race-2013-645x429 Massilia-Stand-Up-Paddle-race-2013-14 Massilia-Stand-Up-Paddle-race-2013-8 Massilia-Stand-Up-Paddle-race-2013-15 Massilia-Stand-Up-Paddle-race-2013-7

Results Scratch :

  Surname Name Gender Nation time
1 BACHELET Gabriel M FRA 00:31:37.00
2 LLORENS Denis M FRA 00:32:30.00
3 BEYNET Nicolas M FRA 00:32:47.00
4 SRAMEK Branislav M CZE 00:32:57.00
5 GARCIA Edouard M FRA 00:33:10.00
6 KOSTKA Thierry M FRA 00:33:25.00
7 GARBOUS Cyril M FRA 00:33:44.00
8 LANGLOIS Lulu M FRA 00:33:53.00
9 RODES Christophe M FRA 00:34:00.02
10 NAU Pierre M FRA 00:34:34.00
11 DELPIN Laurent M FRA 00:34:43.00
12 MOUCHON Jean-Denis M FRA 00:35:11.00
13 GUESDON Céline F FRA 00:35:52.00
14 PIANA Olivia F FRA 00:36:30.00
15 TOURENC David M FRA 00:39:23.00
16 NIERI Bruno M FRA 00:39:32.00
17 LEDELEY Franck M FRA 00:40:14.00
18 COURTIADE Fabien M FRA 00:40:28.00
19 ISNARDON Laetitia F FRA 00:40:56.00
20 DUMOULIN Vincent M FRA 00:41:25.00
21 SCHILLING Anja F GER 00:41:57.00
22 FULGONI Isabelle F FRA 00:43:28.00
23 FAURE Jérome M FRA 00:44:50.00
24 JACQUES Etienne M FRA 00:45:55.00
25 SCHILLING Johann M GER 00:47:27.00

Points Elite Men :

  Surmane Name Nation Time points
1 Gabriel BACHELET FRA 00:31:37.00 3000
2 Denis LLORENS FRA 00:32:30.00 2580
3 Nicolas BEYNET FRA 00:32:47.00 2190
4 Branislav SRAMEK CZE 00:32:57.00 2010
5 Edouard GARCIA FRA 00:33:10.00 1830
6 Thierry KOSTKA FRA 00:33:25.00 1749
7 Cyril GARBOUS FRA 00:33:44.00 1650
8 Lulu LANGLOIS FRA 00:33:53.00 1584
9 Christophe RODES FRA 00:34:00.02 1500
10 Pierre NAU FRA 00:34:34.00 1464
11 Laurent DELPIN FRA 00:34:43.00 1425
12 Jean-Denis MOUCHON FRA 00:35:11.00 1386
13 David TOURENC FRA 00:39:23.00 1350
14 Bruno NIERI FRA 00:39:32.00 1314
15 Franck LEDELEY FRA 00:40:14.00 1275
16 Fabien COURTIADE FRA 00:40:28.00 1239
17 Vincent DUMOULIN FRA 00:41:25.00 1200
18 Jérome FAURE FRA 00:44:50.00 1185
19 Etienne JACQUES FRA 00:45:55.00 1170
20 Johann SCHILLING GER 00:47:27.00 1155

Points Elite Women :


  Surmane Name Nation Time points
1 Céline GUESDON FRA 00:35:52.00 3000
2 Olivia PIANA FRA 00:36:30.00 2580
3 Laetitia ISNARDON FRA 00:40:56.00 2190
4 Anja SCHILLING GER 00:41:57.00 2010
5 Isabelle FULGONI FRA 00:43:28.00 1830


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Report and Results : Happy Summer Namur 2013

Website : http://www.charliesfactory-event.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HappySummerNamurSiteOfficiel

Summertime in Namur is beautiful.
But Saturday June 22nd 2013, as the 5 Stars Long Distance Race Elite 14′ there was strong wind, rain and strong current making the race more challenging for the competitors.
It is a big challenge to organize an international SUP Race in the middle of Belgium and for the 2nd year in a row the Charlie Factory team made it happen.
The best euro riders as well as WPA world champion Chase Kosterlitz from USA gathered on the river “Meuse”, in the city center of Namur for this exciting race, part of a the beach festival ” Happy Summer Namur”.
In the men division Peter Bartl from Austria took the win over Chase Kosterlitz. Young gun Arthur Daniel from France takes 3rd.
In the women fleet Olivia Piana from France crossed the line first followed by Melani Brandstatter from Austria and Cecile Gondres.
Congratulations to all participants.

1045259_208523452632898_587011926_n1017082_208052972679946_635776645_n 382540_208523722632871_994054747_n 484680_208917055926871_1786458033_n 1012360_208918279260082_655041218_n 1002931_208918872593356_1892863951_nNamur-SUP-Race-2013-645x483

Results Long Distance 5 Stars Elite 14′

Scratch :
1. 1:05:33.92 : 4 Peter Bartl
2. 1:05:36.81 : 10 Chase Kosterlitz
3. 1:05:50.77 : 48 Arthur Daniel
4. 1:08:57.65 : 8 Vincent Verhoeven
5. 1:08:58.22 : 24 Gasbarro Fabrizio
6. 1:13:02.60 : 43 Rico Leroy
7. 1:16:17.32 : 39 Ricardo Haverschmidt
8. 1:16:47.10 : 41 Federico Benettolo
9. 1:21:14.51 : 25 Alain Teurquetil
10. 1:22:14.67 : 46 Richard Gratzei
11. 1:25:22.14 : 2 Piana Olivia
12. 1:26:10.61 : 19 Melanie Brandstätter
13. 1:27:15.28 : 42 Davide Ionico
14. 1:36:28.57 : 14 Cecile Gondre
15. 1:42:17.48 : 44 Isnardon Laetitia
16. 1:45:32.75 : 26 Petra Offermans
17. 1:55:27.65 : 50 Joelle Terrien

Points Men :

Peter Bartl AUSTRIA 5000
Chase Kosterlitz USA 4300
Arthur Daniel FRANCE 3650
Vincent Verhoeven FRANCE 3550
Fabrizio Gasbarro ITALY 3050
Rico Leroy FRANCE 2915
Ricardo Havershmidt HOLLANDE 2750
Federico Benettolo ITALY 2640
Alain Teurquetil FRANCE 2500
Richard Gratzei AUSTRIA 2440
Davide Ionico ITALY 2375

Points women :

Olivia Piana FRANCE 5000
Melani Brandstadter AUSTRIA 4300
Cecile Gondre FRANCE 3650
Letitia Isnardon FRANCE 3350
Petra Offerman Germany 3050
Joellle Terrien France 2915
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Report and Results : DEEP SUP RACE NOJA

Website, spanish report and all results : http://supcantabria.blogspot.com.es/2013/04/iii-deep-race-villa-de-noja.html

A Beautiful weekend for an awesome event. SUP Beach Race, Paddleboard Beach Race and SUP Long Distance. And also kneeboard clinics, relay races etc… Chase Kosterlitz from USA won both Long Distance and Beach Races in the men division whereas in the women division Spanish superstar Laura Quetglas also won both of the races.
Congrats to the dark horse Branislav Sramek from Czech Republic for 3rd in Long Distance and 5th in Beach Race and to young Moritz Mauch from Germany for 4th in Beach Race.


Results Beach Race 2 Stars :



Results Long Distance 2 Stars Elite 12’6

1 KOSTERLITZ CHASE 01:22:10.030 2000
2 ROMAN FREJO 01:22:15.030 1720
3 SRAMEK BRANISLAV 01:22:28.530 1460
4 BELAR DIAZ 01:23:05.530 1340
5 MANUEL SIMONCELLI 01:23:23.530 1220
6 MORITZ MAUCHJ 01:26:43.030 1166
7 BERNAT CASTELL 01:27:16.610 1100
8 RAMON BLANCO 01:27:45.110 1056
9 ROMAN RIERA 01:30:12.610 1000
10 PAULINO CAYON 01:30:49.110 976
11 WILLIAN DOERING 01:32:48.610 950
12 SAUL VIADERO 01:33:09.110 924
13 BRAULIO SALCINES 01:33:50.610 900
14 DANI ESPINOSA 01:38:00.313 876
15 JAVIER BARTRA 01:38:05.610 850
16 M ANGEL RODRIGUEZ 01:38:08.453 826
17 VICTOR CASTILLO 01:38:30.627 800
18 MIGUEL RAMOS 01:40:56.127 790
19 AITOR RUIZ 01:42:05.627 780
20 TOMAS TUBER 01:42:45.627 770
1 LAURA QUETGLAS 01:30:27.110 2000
2 CAROLINA ZIEGLER 01:43:29.627 1720
3 CARLOTA FERNANDEZ 02:04:16.687 1460
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Report and Results : Bikingo Eguna, Spain

Website : http://www.hs2.es/wp/bikingo/

It has been rainy and windy but they made it happen. SUP Races, surfski, OC1 and fun. Congrats Roman Freja and Laura Quetglas for winning the long distance.
Note: Congrats Travis Grand for winning OC1 and Lander Rodriguez SurfSki.

Points Elite Men 12’6 Long Distance 3 Stars

1 Roman Frejo SPAIN 3000
2 Rico Leroy FRANCE 2580
3 Xavi Masdeval SPAIN 2190
4 Bernat Castell SPAIN 2010
5 Ramon Blanco SPAIN 1830
6 Taka Llinas SPAIN 1749
7 Saul Viadero SPAIN 1749
8 Sergio Faubet SPAIN 1650
9 Aitor Ruiz SPAIN 1584
10 Dani Espinosa SPAIN 1500
11 Fran Lasegue SPAIN 1464
12 Pablo Codesido SPAIN 1425

Points Elite Women 12’6 Long Distance 3 stars

1 Laura Quetglas SPAIN 3000

All Results :
III BIKINGO EGUNA – resultados.pdf – Adobe Acrobat Professional





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Calendar Updates.

First of all, our apologies for the lack of updates on this page and on our facebook page over the past few weeks.
We will publish more updates very soon and we are also calculating the rankings for the first half of the season.

There are been some awesome races during spring and beginning of the summer and we can see how more and more people are joining the races either for fun or to battle for the 1st places.

As for what is coming next, there is now a bit of a break in the EuroSUPA Season and the action will start again end of August with events in Spain and Austria :

In Spain we will be looking forward to the “1st Open Beach Race Escuela Cantabra de SUP” in Somo, Spain, August 30th with a 2 Stars Beach Race. More info http://www.escuelacantabradesup.com/


This event will be followed by the “Wolder SUP Race Suances”, August 31st- September 1st that will take place just a few kilometers down the coast and will feature a Long Distance Elite 1 Star and a Beach Race 2 Stars https://www.facebook.com/WolderSupRaceSuances


And at the same time in Austria, there will be a 4 Stars Long Distance Elite 14′ the SUP ÖM Weiden am See. The event takes place from August 30th to September 1st 2013. The Long Distance will be on Sunday 1st.
More Info : www.supoem.at


Check out the Calendar page for more updates !

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Reports and Results : Lost Mills International SUP Race

The 2013 Lost Mills International SUP Race has been a great event. Despite a terrible forecast with cold, rainy weather everything was prepared for the riders to have fun and enjoy the event.
There has been plenty of actions with 200m sprints, inflatable races etc… As well as a 6 Stars Long Distance Race Elite 14′.
The World’s best riders were at this event and it was grea to see so many SUP Stars gathering in Germany.

Report and scratch results : http://www.supracer.com/2013-lost-mills-results/

EuroSUPA Points Long Distance Elite 14′ Men :
Lost Mills points men LD Elite 14′

EuroSUPA Points Long Distance Elite 14′ Women :
Lost Mills points women LD Elite 14′

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SUP Race CUP 2013 : Reports and Results

The 2013 SUP Race CUP took place May 25th 26th in the French Riviera city of Sainte Maxime.
It featured a 4 stars Beach Race and a 3 Stars Long Distance Elite 12’6 as well as relay races, Bic SUP One design races etc…
International super stars such as Connor Baxter and Travis Grant were in Europe to battle it out against the top European paddlers.

Website : http://www.thesupracecup.com/

Report and scratch results :

EuroSUPA Results :

Beach Race Men
beach race sup race cup 2013 men

Beach Race Women
beach race sup race cup 2013 women

Long Distance men Elite 12’6
longdistance sup race cup men elite 12’6

Long Distance Women Elite 12’6
long distance sup race cup elite women elite 12’6

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Massilia SUP Race : Long Distance cancelled

Massilia SUP Race program has changed.
Due to Gale Force winds, the Massilia SUP Race organizer has to cancel the Long Distance. The only EuroSUPA Race during this event will be a 3 stars Beach Race.
Find more infos at http://www.massiliasuprace.com/

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